Cricket Betting Sites

There are a huge number of websites available worldwide online that offers bet on cricket, but all cricket betting sites are not as you might expect. Few of them intentionally do fraud work to earn money from the innocent people by cheating them and also fulfill their needs. Mostly newbie suffer a lot due to them when they bet in online betting sites. Don’t panic. We are here to help you to get rid of such people and also help you find the best cricket betting sites online. We have a good reason why we have picked these sites. We are only listing sites which we have been using ourselves for a long period of time. So, we know the sites that are genuine enough to offer the best cricket betting online. At the bottom, you can find out the list of those sites who offer the best online cricket betting. We recommend all the listed sites for you to bet on cricket online.

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Online Cricket Betting Sites


Betway is the perfect choice for Online Cricket Betting and also if you are having any idea to bet on cricket no need to look elsewhere. You can straightaway start betting on Betway. They offer both betting on international cricket matches and also for national & domestic cricket matches. Not just cricket, Betway has a wide range of betting categories. They offer chances for you to do your betting under different sports categories like Tennis, Football, Basketball, Badminton, etc..,

Once you create your account in Betway, you can also have an access to their Casino, where you can play gambling games like Roulette, Blackjack, Slots and a lot more. Adding to all that, they also have Poker Rooms, Live Casino, Bingo and lots of other gambling options too.

If you want to deposit, Betway offers plenty of options for you including Neteller and Skrill, etc. Betway’s customer support is excellent and they also have a very user friendly website (one that will be more useful for a user to understand in a quick time) We highly recommend that you create your own account on betway and try it out yourself for betting. It will surely make sense.

Things To Notice In A Good Betting Site

When you are looking to bet on cricket online, there are plenty of sites available for you to bet on. You can pick any one of the site and you can place a bet. But, You have to check few things before placing a bet. We have listed them out below. Have a look and make sure that you are at the right place for betting. Check out Today Match Predictions>>

Betting Site Security

Even though, You look to bet on cricket, you have to check some other criteria too, while choosing online cricket betting sites. One major thing, Is your money is safe when you deposit money in a betting site? Most of the online cricket betting sites is legal. But there is a chance that you may stumble when bookies refuse to pay you the winning amount. To stay away from these kind of risks while you’re picking a betting site, always check whether they have been in this industry for a long period of time. If they have been online for long time, then they must be the best choice, because, only when they take care of their customer, can they stay online for long.

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Deposit Method

Check whether they have proper customer support team. Because, some sites offer you only email and phone communication. They may not pick up the calls. Even if you send them emails, they might take long time to reply and sometimes they won’t even reply. Always choose the betting sites that will offer Live-Chat option, because you will get instant responses from these sites. Your queries will be resolved soon.


Even before you do the things mentioned above, check out the reviews for the sites. With just the site review, you will be able to know whether the site is sufficient to do betting on it or not. Think twice or thrice before taking decision whether you can go with that site or not and then initiate your betting on the site.

Which is the Best Cricket Betting Site in india?

Sites which we have mentioned below are the best online cricket betting sites in india, according to us, since, we have been using these betting sites personally for a long time. We have never faced any issues with these sites. If you are looking for best of best, then these are the ones to go with.

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Best Gambling Sites

Our focus is to list the best cricket betting sites, but we have also listed few gambling sites that give you the best value in general. In our opinion, the following are the gambling sites that are best in online betting including cricket:

List Of Best Gambling Sites

1Betway5.0£30 Free Bet
2Bet3655.0£200 Bonus
3BetVictor5.0£25 Free Bet
4Betfair 4.5
£20 Free Bet
5Betfair 4.5
£25 Free Bet

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One-Day Match 20 23:00 PM 18 November 2019
SA 0-0(0)
VIC 0-0(0)

MCG, Melbourne


T20 Match 40 23:00 PM 19 November 2019
HEA 0-0(0)
REN 0-0(0)

CitiPower Centre, St. Kilda


One-Day Match 21 23:00 PM 19 November 2019
NSW 0-0(0)
TAS 0-0(0)

Blundstone Arena, Hobart


T20 Match 38 03:00 AM 20 November 2019
SCO 0-0(0)
STA 0-0(0)

CitiPower Centre, St. Kilda


T20 Match 41 03:30 AM 20 November 2019
STR 0-0(0)
THU 0-0(0)

North Dalton Park, Wollongong


One-Day Match 19 23:00 PM 17 November 2019
QLD 6-226(47.1)
TAS 223(50.0)

Blundstone Arena, Hobart

Queensland win by 4 wickets

T20 Intl 3rd T20I 13:30 PM 17 November 2019
WI 7-127(20.0)
AFG 8-156(20.0)

Ekana International Cricket Stadium, Lucknow

Afghanistan win by 29 runs

One-Day Match 17 03:00 AM 17 November 2019
NSW 259(49.5)
VIC 265(49.2)

MCG, Melbourne

Victoria win by 6 runs

One-Day Match 18 23:30 PM 16 November 2019
WA 252(49.1)
SA 246(49.0)

Karen Rolton Oval, Adelaide

Western Australia win by 6 runs

T20 Match 36 03:10 AM 17 November 2019
REN 8-141(20.0)
SIX 4-139(20.0)

Drummoyne Oval, Drummoyne

Melbourne Renegades Women win by 2 wickets

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